Communicate across your differences

 We bring interpersonal and intercultural communication theory to life.

Our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is focused on helping people become interculturally conscious,  with the ultimate goal of creating climates of respect for diversity within organizations and the culture at large.
We offer coherent DEI consulting, intercultural assessments, and training for organizations small and large. 

“Learning Intercultural theory changed my professional and personal life. I LOVE what I do.”

Amanda Grelock
My Program

IDI Assessment, evaluation, and bespoke 1-1 coaching

My rigorous training under the founder of the IDI and DMIS, Milton Bennett, sets me apart from most IDI Qualified Administrators.

My approach is coherent and focused on developing your
organization’s ability to create climates of respect for diversity.   

Why Work With Me

Qualified & Certified

Amanda is an IDI Qualified Administrator for over 5 years. Additionally, she has invested over 100 hours studying directly under the founder of the DMIS model and IDI assessment, Dr. Milton Bennett. This experience makes her an indisputable expert on the topic.

Custom Solutions

The IDI Assessment can be used at the individual, departmental, or organizational level. Amanda's coaching can support both DEI leaders or reluctant employees needing a new approach. Prices are inclusive for non-profits and small businesses.

DEI Practitioner

Amanda has 6 years experience implementing, managing, and consulting on DEI programs. She has worked with small and large organizations, primarily throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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What My Clients Say

“Amanda’s personal style as a trainer is so warm and authentic, that people feel instantly at ease. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Holly O’neil
Crossroads Consulting
“I admire her frank style, her insight, and her commitment to help people develop self-awareness and intercultural competence.”
Matteo Tamburini
Educator and Community Organizer
“She is nothing short of a treasure in a world filled with right or wrong and polarized perspectives.”
Adrienne Renz
CEO Community Food Coop

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What is the IDI Assessment?

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