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IDI Assessments

The IDI is a statistically sound, cross-culturally valid tool that measures an individual’s primary way of dealing with cultural difference or “otherness”. The results help us assess and support the development of that individual’s intercultural competence.

IDI Assessment Options:

Individual IDI Assessment and Coaching

An individual takes the IDI assessment online and receives either 1, 2 or 3 remote coaching sessions depending on their availability and budget.

In these coaching sessions, individuals will review their personal IDI assessment score and deep dive into intercultural frameworks like the DMIS, cultural generalizations, and conflict interventions.

For an idea of what the complete 3-session package includes, visit my Inclusive Leadership Coaching Program page.

At the end of our engagement, individuals will have gained cultural self-awareness, practiced empathy and perspective-shifting skills, and applied Intercultural Development Theory to their current challenges and goals.

Organizational IDI Assessment

Each person in the group takes the IDI assessment online in a privacy protecting way. All the scores are averaged, anonymized, and summarized. They are then presented to organizational leaders in a 2 hour online debrief/consult.

This information is useful for assessing the current state of the organization, evaluating past or future program effectiveness, and identifying developmentally-appropriate training and interventions.

At the end of our engagement, leaders will have a coherent understanding of intercultural concepts and their organization’s level of intercultural competence, as well as proposed next steps.

Organizational Assessment and Individual Debriefs

This option combines organization-wide data gathering with opportunities for individual debriefs/coaching.

Often, the individual debriefs are offered to key individuals (managers, DEI committees, HR, etc) while other organizations prefer to offer it to everyone.

Individual debriefs may be condensed into a single 1-hour session or expanded into a full set of three 1-hour sessions. Options are customizable to your organization’s needs, time frame, and budget.